Running your business efficiently
It doesn't matter what type of business you operate - having efficient processes and systems are crucial to helping you spend more time on the most important part of any business: the customers
There's so many important parts of keeping your business running effectively.
If you have a physical store, are 'bricks and clicks', or an eCommerce pureplay - several processes are key to ensuring:
- You know what you have on hand
- Where it's located,
- Maximising space and turnover through efficient management of inventory, and
- When it comes to online sales - how to ship these orders to the right customer as quickly as possible.
And that's before we talk about all the other core processes to support your business, including ordering goods, receiving goods, seamless data transfer and bank integration with your accounting platform to expidite supplier payments, and for physical stores - keeping track of staff hours and rosters so you have the right number of people on shift who are paid properly for that work.
So how can I help?
With my expertise and expeirence, I'm able to help you:
- Identify what your business has, needs, or can use to do things more efficiently;
- Identify and impliment the right applications mix for your business;
- Identify and impliment the right hardware mix (POS terminals, barcode scanners, printers, screens, payment devices, etc) for our business;
- Integrate your hardware mix to provide seamless and easy operations

- For businesses selling online, assist with the design of your physical store (or warehouse) to ensure articles can be easily found for pick, pack and dispatch (PPD);
- Populate your applications with the information to ensure they work well from day one;
- Deliver staff training and clear documentation on how they use these tools to help you run an efficient business (and of course making these processes easy and repeatable, so they scale with you as you grow)

What are some of the platforms you know?
Some of the platforms and technology i'm experienced with that are used in these business areas include:
- Business communication (inc. Email, Calendar, Content Delivery and Device Management): Microsoft Office 365 for Business
- Accounting, Finance and Payroll: Xero
- Rostering, Time and Attendance: Deputy, ADP, Kronos
- Point of Sale, Front of House, Back of House, Payments: Square, Kounta
- eCommerce: BigCommerce
- Warehouse Management: Shiphero
However, my approach to each business is always from a point of being technology agnostic. There's no point trying to fit a square peg into a round hole - as each business is different. It's about finding the right solutions for you business, that can set you up for success.